What a day!

(I wrote this on Friday and forgot to post it until Saturday.) Today has been a day of sorts. It actually should be a week of sorts. Yesterday morning we were late mostly because I was dragging to get up, but then when I went to leave the bathroom, I dropped an earing. We never did find it. We even did a cleaning of the sink traps, that was besides cleaning the floors and checking all the cracks and the hamper. Well, the only possibility is that it went down the heater vent. Maybe I can wear it with the other silver one that has no partner.

no more partner

no more partner

This morning we were on time, but had to stop to fill gas. Not a problem, but it might have altered when we were where on the highway. Think of that for a bit. As we were heading north on US 83 just inside North Dakota we were about to pass the intersection where you turn off to go to a little town called Hague. It is there on the west side that there used to be a weigh station, and there is still an approach to drive into that area. As we were going north, two semi trucks were coming south. One, the one behind, was going some where south of this area, the other, the one in the front, was heading for the elevator in Hague. It was filled with some sort of grain and pulling a pup.

Well turning with a pup on the back is a bit harder and takes a little longer than driving a car or even a regular semi. The short version is that the semi went to turn leaving us no road to drive on. James was driving and could see it coming as we were coming down the hill. Fortunately it was a day of clear roads and sky, and he realized it somewhat in advance. He was slowing down, but soon it became apparent that slowing for the truck to turn was not enough. He slammed the breaks, and we came to a near stop as the end of the pup cleared the lane. Normally we could have swerved around, but not so much with the other truck at a stop in the next lane. Fortunately, that driver also was aware what was happening, and he stopped back a bit. We may have been able to swerve onto the west approach, but I fear the van would have hit the ditch or gone out of control or something. It was a bit unnerving, but thankfully we are all here to talk about it. I joked that we should have had extra clothing along as we easily could have …well you fill it in.

The rest of this afternoon may be a bit slow. This was the big “Snowball” week in school. They crowned a king and queen on Tuesday during the ball game, and all week we had various dress up days. Today was Hawaiian day. I sort of had in my mind to wear one of James’ shirts, but when I went to put it on, it was all wrinkled and not just a little snug. I guess that is my sign, when my husband’s shirts are too tight, time to get some of the excess off, and the tight was in the bottom button, not the top. Yikes.

I isn’t like the weather has been totally prohibitive to moving around outside, though in our area, city sidewalks and streets are not always free of ice. I always figure that around here, we are all just one hard fall away from being dependent on someone else, and I am not too interested in doing a wheel chair in this house. I did that for a few days in Jamestown when I had a broken leg, and that wasn’t the best.

Well enough for today, it is time to leave school and head to Linton to meet up with James and Paulina. We will have supper someplace then watch the boys’ basketball game. I just hope that I can hold out with these tight pants, yikes I won’t be putting them in the dryer again!!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Adrienne Knoepfle Dupper
    Feb 08, 2015 @ 10:19:40

    See this is why one should never be on time.. Glad you are here to blog about it.



  2. Glenda Zimmerman
    Feb 07, 2015 @ 16:52:16

    OK! Blame it on the dryer! Did you eat salad for dinner? Or a big fat, juicy cheeseburger with fries? Really, I don’t care what you ate or how big you think you are! I am just grateful that you and James are still here to talk about it!



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