February begins … Church newsletter

Last Wednesday I had to write the article for the church newsletter. This is what the members will see in the mailboxes tomorrow. We have our annual meeting after church with a potluck following that. Paulina made the apple pie/bars. I will contribute with some pickled beans and beets.
I should be working on the message and some suggestions for wheee the mission money should go, but it can’t even get motivated for that. I have almost completed the laundry and did part of the dishes, so that is all for today. Hope the writing below makes sense.
Psalm 62:1 “For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.” As we begin the month of February and I look down the calendar, I see that we begin the season of Lent about half-way through this month. It doesn’t seem possible to begin another season when we have barely closed the book on Advent and Christmas, but that is how the calendar falls in some years. As I ponder what we should study and follow during this Lenten Season, I am convinced that it is not totally a time to sit in a corner wearing sackcloth and ashes. I have been taught by more than one leader of our denomination that we are not a people who take this season as a time of self-sacrifice or “giving-up” things. Our church is one that believes more in Lent as a time for taking up a cause, or beginning a “program” of reaching out to those who need what we can give. We are no longer searching in the darkness looking for a light as we were during Advent. We have seen the great light of Christmas, now we are on a journey towards the tomb, and we are doing it in the light of day. I have heard some clergy who say (and rightfully so) that you cannot have Easter without Good Friday. Yes, that is true, but I want to look at us as on the road to Easter. We are on the road to the resurrection and all that means for us. We might find a few bumps and blimps along the way, some might be major such as Maundy Thursday, the night Jesus was betrayed, and Good Friday the day he was crucified and laid in the tomb. But, we are heading to Easter, and we will get there no matter what we need to go through because God loves us that much. May the beginning of February be a pleasant month for us all, and may we all be together as we begin this journey through Lent and the places that Jesus has been. Amen!
As you can tell this year for Lent my church and I will be studying the geography of Jesus. Last year we looked at the people around him. I am hoping this year builds on that. Anyway, it feels good to know which direction we are going.


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  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 10:36:10

    It is wonderful that your group helps others and you have a direction for Lent. I think that would be rewarding. Also, your newsletter, getting a way to present that each issue focusing on one than the other – good plan.



  2. Jessie Stracener
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 06:50:21

    Our Annual Parish meeting is today as well!



  3. Glenda Zimmerman
    Jan 31, 2015 @ 20:57:22

    Paulina needs to run a restaurant in Herreid just like her Gramma!! Those bars just made me sooo hungry! Happy Annual Meeting! I missed mine due to this stupid cold and sore throat! Hopefully, I will be well enough to go to church tomorrow!



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