Commuting is … well it is

This commuting is getting, well let’s just say, we are getting adjusted. The irony is that no matter how we adjust the beginning time, there is always something that adjusts us back to a bit later than we had hoped. Today the roads were great, but the traffic was a bit much. Heading out of Herreid, we ended up behind two big tanker trucks. James passed them around the Pollock corner, and guess what happened when we hit Linton. When we went off the road to drop him at the school, I ended up behind them. I probably could have pulled out in front of them, but I was silly enough to wait at the corner for the vehicle coming. I should know better than to wait for a truck coming through town. They have a speed limit of 25, and I am at the 65 spot, so can get my speed up faster. At any rate, I was hesitating because I had followed the Ambulance out of town, as they pulled away from the hospital with their lights on. Of course I followed at a far distance. I know the rules on that. It is amazing, though, how many people don’t follow the laws on pulling over or stopping. I see it worst in the bigger cities. Well, not much else to report for now. Stay warm!

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