Try it

Watched the state of the union tonight. If you think you can raise a family on $15,000 a year, try it!

We can do better than one pipe-line.

We are a strong tight knit family who has made it through some hard times.

Tightly knit.

Tightly knit.

I heard the President speak for: Childcare, college students, immigration, voting rights, Civil Rights, the working class, women’s health, common ground, free speech, and more.

I have been watching State of the Union speeches since I was a pre-teen. And, I have watched, been interested in and smiled and cheered and cried through all of them no matter the party. I just wish that everyone could be open minded enough to know the importance of listening to what our president says no matter party affiliations. I get so disgusted that so many people are so narrow minded that they have a fit that makes it impossible for teachers to show a state of the union speech or an inauguration speech in class. If nothing else it is a learning curve on who the leaders are that are in the room at the event.

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Jan 21, 2015 @ 18:30:02

    I’ll bet if the other party was giving the address, lots of teachers would make their students watch it! Around here anyway! I think parties should be done away with and everyone had to be Independent . Then, we would find out who the best person for the job really is. Here in SD, a monkey running on the Republican ticket would beat any Democrat! Sad state of affairs!!



  2. Jessie Stracener
    Jan 21, 2015 @ 07:08:40

    I would think showing a state of the union or inauguration would be almost mandatory. It is so important to at least be aware of what is going on in and around us.



    • lucindalines
      Jan 21, 2015 @ 07:12:53

      Thanks, my thoughts, but our area is so partisan that showing the inauguration of the current president was almost a job ender. Some parents kept their children home and some insisted their child be allowed to sit in a study hall rather than in the classroom. This was in a couple of different schools and a few years ago.



  3. christinelaennec
    Jan 21, 2015 @ 07:00:38

    Good for you to be open to what people have to say, regardless of their political affiliation. Things in this world are very rarely black and white.

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