Who ordered this rain?

Yes we have had rain. It was fine as long as the temperature stayed in the low 30’s, but coming home last night, it was 29 degrees. The highway soon became an ice skating rink. The pick up in front of us scored fairly high for their loops on the road before hitting the ditch back end first. Another van had been in the ditch earlier, but drove ahead turned around and drove back out. That was when we realized how bad it was. We finally made it home, but it took us nearly an hour. James, Paulina and I pulled over at the old weigh station to switch drivers around, she was pretty freaked out. James took her car, and she and I led with the van.
This morning the temperature is 37 degrees so major roads are clear, especially those out in the open. City streets, though, are snow packed and slick. Now the wind has picked up, so hopefully the high profile vehicles hunker down for the day.
Last night the tv weather reporters kept saying that the rain was light and not hitting the ground. If I would have had a phone number, I would have called and given them a more personal update. Anyway here are some morning pictures to share with you.

Morning sky with rain clouds.

Snow is gone due to snow blowing and the rain.

Trying to show you the wind with the leaves, but picture almost too clear.

Sophia wanted out now heading for the garage door. This will be an all day thing. We call it the in and out game.

Roger realizes before the door closes that she doesn’t like the outside much.

The sidewalk is dry on the right, wet in the middle, and ice on the left. This gives you and idea of how it is.

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jan 17, 2015 @ 16:55:26

    The photo of the tree really does convey the wind! We have snow and ice in Glasgow just now, and the streets and sidewalks are like an ice rink. A friend came by just now, using a pointed walking stick that alpine climbers use to keep her balance – I must get one. In answer to your question (who ordered the rain?) I will reply in Scottish: “it wisnae me!”



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