Wednesday’s Sunrise

On Wednesday morning when I left the house to head to church, the sunrise was exceptional. I wanted to be there early, but I could not resist diddle dallying around a bit to get some shots. This is what the house looked like with the sun coming up on the other side of it.

Our house

Our house

Before I got into the van to get that shot, I took a few from the south side of the house looking over the dike at the sunrise.

IMG_1103 IMG_1102 IMG_1101

Someday I am going to use those shots to do some oil painting. Someday!

Reflection on the outside light.

Reflection on the outside light.

As I headed out of town, I pulled over to get a couple of shots of the sun peaking over the hill. I sort of wanted to show how flat things are around here. There were some really great shots of the sun through trees and between hills and like a coin moving up into the clouds, but at 65 miles per hour from the driver’s seat, it is hard to take any pictures, and I really didn’t have the time to stop. Maybe if I would have had the real camera along, but the iPad does what it can, but it is never that great.

IMG_1113 IMG_1112Most of Wednesday was spent in meetings or frantically writing and typing up reports or such. I knew that as soon as I took this long term sub job that I would become way more efficient in the other work that I have. I am guessing that I might even get some of the sewing finished at this rate. Ha!! I am afraid that it is the blog that might suffer, and so far I have been sort of haphazard this year, but I don’t think it is the teaching thing.

Well, hope you all stay warm and that your sunrises are all beautiful!

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