Saturday off

I didn’t have to write a message today so I am counting this as a Saturday off. Well, this is what happens on a day like this. First you, or I guess I sleep in. I kept tossing and turning thinking it was about 8 a.m. I was amazed at how light it was. Finally drug myself to the bathroom for tee brushing and such only to find out it was 10:30. Wow I must have been tired.
Well the reason I have no message, we have Mission Fest. So instead of speaking, I am doing the backup part like scriptures and songs and such. Hmm come to thing of it I have not printed out the invocation and benediction and such better get to it.
But, the deal is we have pot luck afterwards. I was going to bring ham and scalloped potatoes, but after a bit of discussion with Paulina, a thought about what others usually bring and what some like, we decided on baked rice, apple pie bars and some relishes such as pickled beans and beets. People like those last two, but they don’t necessarily do that anymore. I will also take some pickled green tomatoes.
I tried to make some stew for after the big football game. I was silly enough to put it in the crook pot. So two hours later, I threw the whole thing into an oven bake able glass pan and it might be another 45 minutes before we eat.
Oh the big game was the NDSU vs. Illinois State game in Crisco, Tx. It was for National Championship of their division, and was a pretty exciting game. Oh ya NDSU won, 4th year in a row. We are not really fans, but after that many wins, the whole state, even those living south of the boarder get on the wagon.
Well enough for now, here are some pictures to share.


Apple pie bars and Baked rice


An idea of the snow outside and Sophia waiting to get inside.

Sophia begging to go outside. This was taken a few days ago when we had extreme wind chill factors. Her answer was to look out the window for that day.


2015/01/img_1082.jpg Roger trying to look cute so we play with her.


The puzzle left to finish and the log cabin blanket I just started. It seems I never have enough projects going at a time. My New Year’s goal (no resolutions) is to finish something. So instead I have filled almost every set of needles I own. I should give up. Have a good one!

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