Back in School

From this title, it must sound like I have enrolled into classes. Not the case. I am in school in Hazelton as a long-term substitute. The regular teacher left at noon to go and have her second child. Yikes. It is quite cold outside and we literally drove through a near blizzard to get her. It will be fine going home, though. I just keep telling myself that, and that is how it will be.

Winters in our area are so ify. We listen to the weather reports and we plan as best we can, but it is all up and down and if this then that. The basketball games for the boys’ team tonight has been called off. The wrestlers get the night off, but so far the girls will be playing their game because the visitors do not want to have to reschedule. Good Grief. James and I were down for the concessions of the wrestling match so this means a quicker trip home for us. Hurrah.

I already told him that I will drive on the way home, but we will see. If the roads are good, I will hand over the keys. If it is bad, I will drive so I don’t have to hear the complaining. Besides if the van goes in the ditch and I am driving there won’t be any yelling. Ha!

So, what are my plans for tonight now that we will be home? First off, I will call Paulina and ask if she would please make that package of soup that I won at the Christmas party. It looks so good and if she does, I will take a picture and share later. I will wash the jeans for tomorrow, as it will be a “jean” day. I will get to watch Elementary on real time, and maybe even catch up on my soaps. Mostly, though, I will have the time to work on some knitting. I took the orange scarf apart when I realized it was too wide and the pattern was all messed up.

The item on the left is the headband for Alyse and the item on the right is the scarf for Kenlee.

The item on the left is the headband for Alyse and the item on the right is the scarf for Kenlee.

The scarf looks great here, but right after this picture I ended up doing a double of some row and the pattern flipped and started going in the other direction. I might also spend a few minutes working on the puzzle. I did catch that crazy cat rearranging the puzzle pieces. I am not kidding. She was pawing them into a stack and out of her way, so she could sleep better.

Sophia sleeping on the puzzel

Sophia sleeping on the puzzle

The next thing we caught was Roger in Tigee’s soft cat food. We have been trying to give Tigee just as much as she can eat at one time. We put the rest of the can in a plastic container and set it aside. Yesterday, James heard a weird noise and caught Roger actually prying the plastic whipped topping container open. Of all things. No wonder Tigee throws herself on the ground and pouts. We think she is eating it all.

Roger, the thief, is always getting into something.

Roger, the thief, is always getting into something.

Tigee pouting about needing food.

Tigee pouting about needing food.

Apparently the other pictures I wanted to share are still on the camera, and I am in school. Sorry if you saw the pictures before. I wanted to put something on the post, and this is all I had. Catch you later, again, Stay Warm.


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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Jan 08, 2015 @ 15:39:34

    We dismissed at 11:00 this a.m. North Dakota schools are always asking for trouble! I pray you made it home in one piece! Safe travels tomorrow. Thank God the game was postponed tonight!

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  2. christinelaennec
    Jan 08, 2015 @ 14:57:38

    Oh it must be so very cold where you are! Your previous post had me shivering. We are so used to modern conveniences that we forget how dependent we are on our environment. Tonight Scotland is bracing itself for a major storm (100 mph winds) and then a blizzard coming in tomorrow and the next day apparently. Batten down the hatches… I hope you enjoy your teaching.



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