Advent day 6

It is Friday of the first week of Advent. I have spent the better part of the morning getting thoughts put together for the message on Sunday and the funeral on Saturday. Ironically the candle for Advent this week is Peace. At this time, I am feeling many things, but Peace is not among them. I don’t want to elaborate now, but I am guessing it will creep into the message on Sunday. At the least it is in my notes for now.

The pictures that I am sharing are from yesterday. I am so excited that I finally figured out how to crop and edit with the iPad. It is amazing how some simple things can get some people excited.

Speaking of simple things and getting excited, today when the local sports announcer was giving the list of who plays whom in basketball this week, he mentioned the team name, South Border. He acted like he had never heard of that team before and was all befuddled about who they were. I would think that maybe you do some research before you speak on the air, but not that guy. Anyway, I couldn’t handle it so I called the station and calmly left a message for the sports announcer that South Border is the team name for the co-op of Wishek and Ashley, North Dakota. I should listen tomorrow to see if he has a comment about it. Better yet, I should go to the game (and watch my niece) and tell him thank you as he will be the announcer as that game is with his home team and will be on the air.

I wasn’t sure which picture to put up first so I will start with the carousel that my Aunt Glenda bought me many years ago. It plays Christmas music and you can switch it to another mode and it plays hymns. I would love to leave it up year round, but I am afraid of damaging it. Last year Jaxon tried to take the horses out. I am a bit nervous about his hands this year. We have decorated the house in an “adults only” style. I think he is probably old enough to understand, but I will have to have some alternatives ready for him just in case. And I suspect that there might be things that he can have when he is here. Sorry, the carousel is not one of them.

Merry-go-round from Aunt Glenda.

Merry-go-round from Aunt Glenda.

Also put up for display were the Christmas stockings that Aunt Glenda made for the girls. She is the official stocking maker for the family. I have seen some stockings like hers posted on Etsy for around $110. We keep telling her to go into business, but she won’t listen.

Stockings hung in the window this year. I have even put a few things in some of them.

Stockings hung in the window this year. I have even put a few things in some of them.

Only one has a real gift. The other item that I had James drop into one is really something that belongs to the person, but they have not taken it. I suspect they didn’t know where I had it stashed. Oh well, I will get the clutter out one way or another.

Wall hanging.

Wall hanging.

Below is a view of how I spent my time when I was a bit upset yesterday. Hopefully, I won’t be so distraught next week that I rearrange the entire house. Then again, it might not be a bad thing to do. The meaning would be clearer if I had taken a “before” too instead of just an “after” shot. Let me just tell you that the bottom shelf did not change much. The top two shelves were a mess of water bottles and large plastic cups. I was so frustrated that it was full of items we don’t really use. I am not sure how much the items there now will be used, but at least I can find them if I want them. And, I might just start using them more. What is the use of having any of the nicer things, if we just set them aside and look at them and never enjoy them. Sort of like being royalty with million dollar jewelry then wearing fakes to the ball.

Cleared out cupboard.

Cleared out cupboard.

As you can see a couple of water bottles did manage to hang in there. Most of the items above were in the cupboard at my mother’s house. I don’t remember her using any of them except the green candy dish. It might be time to use them, especially that tea set in the middle, and the green cake stand on top. I could see a chocolate layer cake with white frosting and coconut all over it on that stand. Hmmm, maybe I should bake something next week. For now I am leaving to write-up that funeral and a message about Peace. Yikes.

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Dec 05, 2014 @ 20:04:28

    Hey! Thanks for picturing the carousel and stockings! I always forget what each stocking looks like. They have to be at least 10 years old! You took such good care of them AND the carousel! I wonder if all the others look as good as yours still do. See you soon!

    Liked by 1 person


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