Between Thanksgiving and Advent

Today we woke at home to a fairly cold house. The furnace was working fine, but we had cranked the thermostat back before we left for Dickinson, and since it was fairly late when we got home we didn’t bother to adjust it. Now it is still cool in my bedroom, but the wind chill is pretty low and the wind is howling like a pack of coyotes outside. Speaking of coyotes we saw two on our drive home. One in the hills around Mandan and the other in the dark coming home on US83. Paulina had to hit the breaks for it.
We spent most of today decorating. I have pictures to share. On the very last picture, if either Jess or Vic sees this and notices something they would like to have. Have a happy first Sunday of Advent tomorrow.



Picture one is the Peanuts gang, we are trying ti hang them in the window, but it don’t think they are going to stay. The next two are the tree notice the difference in the garlands. The second version won.

The farm set on the piano. I used to have a big old doll house and my brother Colin had a barn. I always loved playing with them both.


The many nativity sets are up, but the characters will take their time entering the large barn. Also the Peanuts set isn’t up. I can’t post pictures of that just in case Adie comes looking for it. Ha!


These two pictures are James and Roger during the decorating.


The last two pictures are the items I am tossing, so Jess and Vic speak now or not. Oh ya that angel lights up. And for now happy Advent.

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  1. forestmtnhike
    Nov 30, 2014 @ 01:57:10

    Ohhhh, your Christmas decorations are reminding me of home. Thank you for sharing this post with us, it warmed my heart and I was comforted by it. ❤ The Charlie Brown decoration on the window look so cute. And I'm sure all the decorations on that last picture are very special, they're all very beautiful.



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