Thankful#15: Back home to rest

Well the concert is over and we are all back home. I am posting some pictures of the trip then will reblog what Jessica wrote because she really said it best. Also I am just not feeling the writing on the iPad today.

So I uploaded pictures and now am on the laptop. I am still going to post a few pictures and let Jess do the talking with the reblog of her post. These are pictures only from Thursday night going to and coming home from the concert. The walk was 15 blocks but didn’t feel that far. In Herreid, 15 blocks would be: from my driveway to the transformer (4 blocks-only 3 city blocks), turn past the old Drive-Inn across the road to Tower Street (5 blocks, sort of like 3 city blocks), turn south and go to the end of the town (6 blocks-call it 6 just for fun). So here that would feel like forever, and there it was just a hop and a skip. Difference of country and city to me. Oh well, enjoy the pictures.

Supper before the concert.

Supper before the concert. The restaurant was Keys in the Forche. Best waitress ever!!

View before the concert started

View before the concert started

On the way back to the hotel.

A bank on the way back to the hotel.

Tall buildings, ha!

Tall buildings, ha!

Target Christmas display!

Target Christmas display!

My girls waiting for the light to change.

My girls waiting for the light to change.

By downtown Minneapolis. It was fun! I also think the sidewalks were empty because it was so cold. Of course being from South and North Dakota we knew how to bundle up, and really weren’t all that cold. This was sheltered by the buildings. Come to the open air of the plains and feel what the north wind really is like. Ha!! Great trip, thanks girls for thinking it up and making us go. I wonder where they got so smart?

For what are you thankful today? I guess cold winds and family time tops my list, again.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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