Thankful Day 8: Fall gardening

The weather forecasters are predicting snow by tomorrow afternoon, so it is really time to batten down the hatches around here. James declared this morning to be “outside” work day, and anything inside could wait until dark or tomorrow. Uck was my thought, but we got to it. All of the outdoor furniture found a home inside or locked up. We finally compromised and put some of the chairs on the porch in an out-of-the-way place. By house and such, but no place to store anything. This is telling me too things: 1 not enough storage, 2. Too much stuff. I sort of think it will be cheaper to fix #2 than #1, but perhaps harder to let go in some ways. We did bag up some of the recycling items and Paulina will be dealing with that on Tuesday when she is at school and no classes. The state of North Dakota has a law of no school on Veterans Day. This year it is on a Tuesday so they have class Monday, off Tuesday then class again the rest of the week. Her roommates who are from far away are skipping Monday, something Paulina is not willing to do.

Enough of the rambling. At the end of clearing clutter and packing away items from outside including all of the plants that need to be housed indoors over the winter, we finally dug up the area beside the driveway so I could add a bulb garden. James dug out the majority of the irises from the area where they were so tangled and bound that they didn’t bloom anymore. He had them in two bags, and I was able to plant one of them. I wish someone would call me and claim the other bag. We have tried to give them away in church, but no one really needs anymore flowers there. They are really pretty dark blue irises, but…. So what am I thankful for? I am thankful that we have a tiller on the little tractor and that I did not have to hand dig the area where we planted the irises.

James tilling up the new bulb garden area.

James tilling up the new bulb garden area.


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