Thankfulness Day 7: New Breakfast Center

Breakfast arrangement

Breakfast arrangement

On Tuesday when I returned from the cemetery after the funeral, I was going to collapses on the couch and watch some soaps. Instead I went to the refrigerator and began to wonder what we could have for supper if I had failed to thaw any meat. Well as I dug around and found some fixings for lasagna, I also realized that it was time to upgrade the cupboard beside the fridge. I have been wanting to do this since canning season ended here. With Paulina away at school, we rarely need a four slice toaster, so that went into storage last week, and the little black one we used in Linton returned. It just makes more sense and it matches.

I also moved the coffee maker to this area so when I pour a cup of coffee, I can reach in the fridge and grab the creamer. It is a matter of efficiency of movement. Read the original, Cheaper by the Dozen and you will completely understand. Now if the coffee maker and toaster are here, the cupboard should be stocked for them. I am also tired of reaching so far to get what I need, so the solution is put the short items on the bottom and pull your adjustable shelves down. I rearranged after taking everything out of the cupboard, washing all the boards and sides and realigning it all. I also put the bread in the plastic container that we have had on the top of the rack gathering dust for two years. Another house rule should be “use what you have or get rid of it.”

I am so excited about this breakfast center. It has already proved to be so useable. The only little glitch is that the cereal bowls are in the cupboard with the rest of the dishes. Oh well they will just have to stay there and be the one excuse for some minor exercise around the breakfast table. I am beginning to believe that a little microwave over the oven with a light on the bottom would be a nice addition to the mix. I also brought that large container to the left off the top shelf above the cupboards. It needs to do something more constructive than gather dust. I am sort of thinking that it could hold some of the smaller containers in the “plastic for left-overs” drawer.

I have plans for more areas of the kitchen, but those will have to wait to be posted on another day!! What are you thankful for today?

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  1. mountaingmom
    Nov 07, 2014 @ 09:49:26

    My downstairs bathroom ductwork is behind the wall, so we ran it though the upper cabinet above the microwave (it is so high it is nearly unusable any way) then over the adjacent cabinet and right out through the log wall. This was all done post construction.



  2. mountaingmom
    Nov 07, 2014 @ 09:42:44

    Your little space is so similar to mine between the fridge and the range. I do have a microwave with light over my range. The microwave gets little use, but the light is great.



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