A few WIP’s

The last time I wrote on works in progress, I posted as WOP. Not such what was going on worth the spelling,but typical for me. Today I am suffering from mental overload of the past few days, plus a long night on Tuesday. It would have been a normal day, except when I finished the message for the funeral on Wednesday morning, I spent an hour fighting with the printer. Apparently, with the laptop I use a full black ink cartridge is not enough. I now need a new colored cartridge. Sounds like I will be picking that up real soon.
On our last trip to Bismarck, Paulina and I chose some fabric for a blanket for a new niece. We were hoping to give it to her last week, but we didn’t get the connections right, so as soon as we can, we will get it to her.

The picture shows mostly the front, but the little fold over on the lower right shows the back of the blanket.
Last Sunday when James and I were in Pierre, SD, we did a bit of shopping and I splurged on a new ironing board and some pins with ball heads so that I can find them and now I have enough.

I am rather excited about using that ironing board more. The weird thing is that the only room with lighting good enough for my eyes is the bathroom with that row of bulbs like in an actresses dressing room. Come to think of it, James changed the bulbs in the kitchen, and we can see the food on the plates for the first time since we moved in. I think the light in my bedroom is the same fixture perhaps new bulbs would allow me to sew in the evening.

Finally, I want to share the flower arrangement that a young man brought to his father’s funeral in our church yesterday. It was quite a day. I learned first hand the importance of the “Sacred Conversations on Race” that our conference is participating in at this time. Our church ladies did a wonderful job of serving everyone and making everyone feel so welcome even when one part of the deceased’s family was trying very hard to make the other part feel like outsiders. I now understand no matter how emotional this subject is for me,I will work as best I can to help the healing process between our cultures. There are good people and those who don’t follow customs or rules in every culture. We need to stop judging on any basis other than personal actions, and even then it would be good to understand motives. That is all I have, hope you are enjoying the fall weather. Ours has been fantastic.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy
    Oct 12, 2014 @ 09:49:28

    With works-in-progress like this you probably don’t have much opportunity to get bored!



  2. Ashie
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 20:22:22

    That blanket is adorable! Very nicely done.



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