Sage Flavored Cornbread Dressing

Just have to reblog to share your cornbread dressing with my daughter. Hope you don’t mind.

Town & Country Gardening

longhorns-oct-2014 View out my front door

It’s been another dry summer in Southwest Oklahoma. It’s only the first week of October and we are having to locate affordable hay to feed our live stock. We will need to buy and feed hay for at least the next 6 months. We need to send one of the larger longhorns to the butcher as soon as we have the freezer space for her.

Butchering a 1000-1200 pound cow is not cheap. By the time you pay fuel cost to deliver and pickup your cut beef from the butcher shop, pay kill and disposal fees, cutting and wrapping fees it will cost close to $500.00 before that cow is in the freezer. However the good side of this is we will get about 725 – 750 pounds of home grown beef.

Grin .. of course we must not forget that I have 3 years…

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