More preserves

It seems this canning season is about the proverbial squeaky wheel. Whichever item looks to be closest to ruin gets the priority. Lucky I am not in business. It is best to can and preserve items at the peak of freshness, for me that would mean accepting help and not accepting other tasks like sub jobs or going to church events where we will be tomorrow.

Today I did up some zucchini jelly. When Paulina came home we went to the bank, the mail and the chiropractor. She did a nice job on my hand, and hopefully I don’t ruin the effort with the work tonight. Well Paulina and I picked the last of the zucchini and peppers when we got home. It is supposed to dip into the 20’s tonight, so even in we cover, it won’t help. We also picked all the new dill we could find. I am freezing that for soup. I also picked a pail of beets. Some were coming out of the ground and were not well protected. The carrots and other beet row are in middle of the quack grass, so they will be fine, besides carrots need a hard freeze to turn sweeter.


There were 7 pints of jelly total, and the peppers filled a jar box. Yikes, I really need to get to all of them soon.

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  1. Tilly Frueh
    Oct 05, 2014 @ 17:39:49

    I have never heard of zucchini jelly. I am going to have to look for a recipe. It sounds intriguing.



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