Zeroed out

It usually takes me a day or so to reAlize how tired out I am. Today I went to Hazelton to fill in for the English teacher. I traded the math for English when I got the second call. I should have stayed home with the tomatoes and apples. I have not been in school much this year, but preaching in Eureka has really spoiled me. Standing in the pulpit and looking out at faces that have an interested look on them and don’t back talk or chatter to each other starts to give one the false sense that what a person says is really something to listen to.

Going to a high school classroom tends to bust that bubble pretty fast. All day, as soon as I began explaining directions or reading a question, at least one person in the room would start talking. Not only did some talk, but sitting was not always mandatory. In our German-Russian dialect, we would say, “coy rue I’m aowsh.” I am printing that phonetically. It means not able to sit still, literally, no sitting ability in butt.

By the end of the day my throat hurt from trying to talk over them. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone was like that, but in a really small school a disruptive student stands out more. He or she has a smaller audience, but fewer “good” students to pressure them to behave and allow those who want to learn, learn. I guess I am just really frustrated and the more I obsess about it the worse it was.

I do know that the money is not worth the effort. I would not tell anyone not already in education to go there. I also know that I will not be giving up a day of work at home to drive 50 miles one way in a car with manual transmission and no power steering only to develop a sore neck from stress and then be stiff from driving. Sorry to be complaining so much, but I need to vent. Besides, there are plenty of ways to cut expenses to make up for the $. I could also start selling off some of the clutter. Doing that might solve two problems at once.

I sure know it was far more fun to spend Friday boxing and packing and lifting, and I am so glad that I did not give up that time to spend it with someone who would just annoy me. Here are a few more pictures of how the weekend went.


The pictures above are the living room and the kitchen after we unloaded. Below in no apparent order are pictures of Grandpa James rocking Ana and getting a good-bye hug from Jaxon.


Of course the iPad always puts them in reverse order. Below is a sot of Dickinson as we are leaving. Today I am sad it is so far away.

Now just saying when I got home tonight it was straight to the fridge and cupboard for supper. It was a standard BLT and chips with cheese and salsa, but…without the chocolate cake from my aunt I would not have survived this day. Oh how I need to go on a diet. I wonder if I could eat another piece? I think I have more coffee.


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  1. glenda zimmerman
    Sep 30, 2014 @ 18:35:43

    Chocolate cake always makes things go better. Kinda like your snickers commercial! Never had a picture of my cake taken before. It looks like it didn’t survive the drive home very well!! Anyway, Victoria and Nate have a very nice place to call home! Just wish it wasn’t so far away! But then again, we have to be very thankful, they could have moved to “V-necks”!!!



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