Three days in one

It was interesting to me when I checked my stats this morning I found someone had opened “Misty Morning Musings.” I didn’t leave home until after 9 am because of the severe fog. Here is what it looked like on the trip. IMG_0731.JPG IMG_0735.JPG IMG_0736.JPG I took those through the windshield so partly you see the dirt and the water built up outside, but you get the idea. After I got to Eureka and talked to Dan, one of our deacons, I had to agree with his comment that it seemed to be getting worse rather than better. I pulled over after I arrived in town to get this shot of the lake. It looked like a cloud was sitting on it. IMG_0737.JPG I wore a sleeveless shirt because the weather reporters kept insisting it would be 80 degrees today. I want to know where? Hawaii? Luckily I was smart enough to grab a sweater in case I went to the basement for a bathroom break. Currently I am hoping that the heater starts working. We just had it installed in this new office, and I turned it to 75 yet can’t feel any warmth. I finally took the cover off the thermostat and wiggled on it. The heater now feels warm, but I don’t quite see how it heats my feet when it is mounted three inches from the ceiling and heat rises.????

Yesterday was another of those three-days-in-one days. First I subbed, which was fine, but it still wears you down a bit and standing out in the wind for noon recess nearly gave me an earache, but am fine today. When I got home there were the carpenters doing up the back steps, hurrah! Problem there is it started misting and got dark earlier than normal so they left before it was totally finished and the door still needs to be installed, so maybe soon. It is really wonderful already, and this will be one check I will gladly write. IMG_0729.JPG So the other part of this Day Two in my Tuesday was picking up the two dead mice (one on upper deck and other in the driveway) then making supper for myself. Cooking after a mouse burial is always an interesting thing. I don’t actually bury them, but I do say a kind word as I fling them into the tall grass behind the dike. In terms of cooking I grabbed some things from the fridge, threw them together and made up a Cajun Chicken Alfredo that I will put up against any of the pasta chains around here. So supper, steps, visit from the aunt watching news and Wheel of Fortune, all in Day Two.

On to Day Three of my Tuesday: I was about to cash in and go to bed when I checked the tomatoes that I had sorted the night before. Good grief there were like five that had gone bad. I can’t afford to be losing anymore of them so roll up the shirt sleeves, bite the bullet and get to work. From 7:30-10:30, I managed 10 quarts of spaghetti sauce. This time I used the recipe, well somewhat. I put in 1/2 cup of canola oil and that seems to smooth it out. I used some basil dried from this year as well as the purchased Italian seasoning and canning salt and sugar as normal. Rats, I am realizing that I used no lemon juice, yikes I will have to use this batch soonest.

So this is middle of the Day Three part, as I was finishing putting the spaghetti sauce into the jars, like on 6 of 10, my cell phone rang. I ignored it. It was James, I could call back. Next jar, the house phone rings. Now I have the canner full, and I have lots of sauce left, so quickly heat up three more jars one at a time and fill them with sauce that is continually boiling, and the cell phone rings again. Now I want to answer just to scream, “Leave me alone.” I finished filling the jars and set them aside to seal with the intent of marking them for the fridge. The canner is full on the stove heating up, and I sit down to call James back. Well of course he was frantic about why I didn’t answer. What did he think? He had called my sister Adrienne to check what happened to me. Now I had to call her with the house phone while talking to him on the cell phone. This must be multi-tasking in the highest.

Here comes the final part of Day Three of Tuesday. James and I start talking about this new steps area. I made him look it up on the blog to see what it looked like. He said he didn’t think the grill would fit on it. So I am telling him it will fit just fine. As I am talking, I walk out onto the steps in the cold, dark, misting night. The windows are open in the house to let the hot air from the canning out. I step out of the doorway, and the wind sucks the door shut, tight. I am locked out. It is not funny. I have just gone around the house and locked all the doors because I am home alone. Thankfully I have shoes on and there is a key in the car. I have two choices, go to a relative with a key for my house, or get out the ladder and try to find a way to enter on the second floor. Yikes! Thank goodness my aunt was still awake. I would have hated to try to break into her house. I could have cried if it wouldn’t have been so ridiculously funny.

At least the cats realized that I can feed myself, and they didn’t bring any dead mice to the upper deck. From Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon, I cleaned up 7 as in seven dead mice. Yuck!! However the smoke detectors do not appreciate closed bedroom doors in one part of the house and open windows with cold air coming inside on another. At 6 a.m. I was roused twice to alarms blaring. I was sure the neighbors were going to come knocking. I didn’t try to find the problem, I just opened all the doors and waved a towel and eventually it quit. Sophia was so upset that she baled until I left after 9 without my purse because I was so upset about being so late. So, enough of my marathon day.

I didn’t take any pictures of the spaghetti sauce, but below are the jars of salsa and pickled green tomatoes that I did on Monday. Now my green tomatoes are gone and all I have is the tomatoes in the garage. Oh yes, and I refilled the house tables with the apples. I was quite sad about all the rotten ones I found in those pails. I knew better than to leave them in pails, but I had no other choice at the time. Well, we all know what I am doing with my second and third parts of Wednesday, if I ever get the first part finished.

Happy Canning!! IMG_0726.JPG

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