Sub day

Sitting in Linton in James’ room at the computer. The students are all accounted for and the one James would be dealing with is on the computer doing accelerated math. Both Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reading are great programs. I loved having the reading program in the schools where I worked, and would recommend it to any school that needs a bit of a boost in the reading department. But, that was not what I was about today when I went to start this post. I wanted to download the pictures that I took on the way out of town. I wish I could find a better setting to capture the sunrises and sunsets. When I can manage a download, I will show you the differences of what I captured based on the setting.

Now for the real story, and I may need to take a walk to grab a picture and explain this better. For those of you who live in or around Herreid, you will get this story from the explanation. From my place north there is a gravel road that you can take to leave town. I took that this morning to avoid the slow down for the school thing. I was driving the little green neon which is a clutch, and no power steering, so you can understand why I would take the path of least resistance. The dike runs to the east of that road, and so I couldn’t get the picture of the sunrise to the east. Right where the road turns west there is a little hill where you can go up the dike a bit, which I did.

Instead of stopping the car to get out and walk up the hill and take the picture, I figured it was quicker to just take the picture from inside the car. Not such a good idea. By the time I realized what I was doing, I was pointed down the hill, and more towards the ditch than the road. Now the ditch in that particular spot is a nose dive drop off. With an automatic transmission car, not a problem. With a clutch I was in a bind. I finally worked the clutch and brake a bit with left foot with slamming on the gas to put the car in reverse. The real saving force was having turned the wheels so short that I couldn’t go down the ditch. I got out of it, but did realize that I get into some sort of pickle every time I have anything to do with that car. Perhaps we should have kept the red neon licensed and on insurance.

Well, hopefully I have some energy left when I get home tonight as I really need to clean up the tomatoes that were on the table in the house. It will be nice to have at least one product safely in the bin so to speak. So, happy gardening, canning, knitting or whatever you are up to at the time.
So far the energy is not hitting me. I promise to add those pictures to a later post. I am finishing this on the iPad as I have no other computer right now. I will share a couple of pictures of what I found out the back door when I got home. So sad for my fancy old steps, not!


The door came too, but it is the wrong one so now reorder. Hopefully they come back tomorrow to finish.

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