Out and about after canning

We didn’t get much canning done today.
Last night after the football game, Paulina and I peeled and cored a mess of apples. I threw them in the new pot with a little lemon juice, but no water. Dumb move. All the other apples we had been doing were really juicy. I should have caught on as we were peeing that these we’re less so. Well, the brand new enamel stock pot is seriously black on the bottom. I dumped the rest of the mixture in the old stand by aluminum pot, and started over. After adding the sugar, cinnamon and a little nutmeg, it was all good. It got fairly late so I put the pot in the fridge with the idea of finishing in the morning.

This morning when I got up I took out the food processor. I cannot believe that I have been so stupid all these years by not using this machine to grind up the apples. In the end, I had 4 3/4 quarts of Apple butter. The partial jar is in the fridge to be used right away. As that was cooking, I also did up 3 quarts of whole tomatoes. Doing all of that this morning made me feel less guilty about the trip to Bismarck.
We went to watch a cross country meet. A couple of our track runners run with Shiloh Christian in a cross country co-op. It was worth the trip. We saw several athletes from around the state that we know. It is an interesting sport. James did not remember watching many meets before. Of course I would not ever admit to not seeing a meet before even if I was new to it. Truth is, I watched sisters, daughters and other athletes in cross country. Fun event.
A few photos below to show the yard when we got home.






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