Prep for jelly making

After I got home from Hazelton where I was substituting for a science teacher, I started getting some things ready to make some jelly. I will do the actual jelly making tomorrow, but at least the jars are ready and the fruit is washed and the peppers are even puréedand waiting in the refrigerator.


Plums and apples ready to go. I thought all of the plums needed to be made up today, but some could use another day. I also stopped at the hardware store in Linton for a new peeler/corer. I guess I will show that picture later. It was sort of a hoot trying to get it adjusted, but after five or so messed up apples we got it right.


Above are pictures of what we picked today. It didn’t freeze last night, but two of the peppers were mush on the plants this afternoon. I have given away lots of them this year, but I think that is over. If the jelly thing works, I will be able to use up several. I also want to purée some for in tomato juice.

Last picture is supper. I opened a jar of last year’s tomato soup. I added some milk, and cut up some fresh tomatoes. Yummy! I like mine with croutons. Oh ya, we had chicken salad sandwiches with it, and for a chilly night outside, this with the furnace on 60 to take the chill out of the house, life is just fine. Enough for now, check back tomorrow for pepper jelly, plum jelly and a few things with apples and tomatoes. I already told Paulina she better have her homework done.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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