Frost warning tonight

So we have a frost warning for tonight. We thought it would hit last night, but fortunately it waited a day. It might not hit tonight either, but the threat was so great there is no point taking any chances. We picked all of the tomatoes that we will pick. For now they are in buckets in the garage.

James also set the potatoes in the garage. We figured it is warmer than the shop, and less likely to have any wild critters take a nibble.
I also picked lots of peppers and any zucchini that seemed worth the effort. There are more on both, so we covered those plants.



We also covered the flowers that we could and pulled all of the planters under cover. I took the basil into the house. I have been meaning to trim those leaves off and get them into the dehydrator, but just haven’t done it. Now it is al on top of us. Oh how I need help!!
I could kick myself for agreeing to substitute tomorrow. Well maybe if I get up early and wash jars and get that much ready. I could maybe wash a batch of tomatoes and just have it all ready to tackle when I get home. Of course there are the apples too, and the plants will need covering again tomorrow.
In the meantime, I will continue to go through the canning books to find more recipes. I think I better count my jelly jars to see if Paulina might need to buy some before coming home Friday. Happy canning!!

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  1. christinelaennec
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 16:36:17

    Wow you are organised! Here there is warning of “frost in the glens”. They differentiate in Scotland between “air frost” and “grass frost” and “hard frost”. !



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