Canning tomatoes

The kitchen is again filled with popping sounds. There were lots of other sounds earlier including plopping tomatoes in the water or in the garbage. I had to throw out about a quart of smaller tomatoes before I could get started, but the table is fairly well sorted now.
I tried to get everything set up before I put anything into the water to blanch the peelings. Here is an idea of the set up I use.

I should have turned off the light. One of the things we have been hoping to get fixed up in our house is a hood with a light over the stove. In the meantime I have been using sort of a utility light. The cake pans on the side are for cooling the blanched tomatoes. I realize most people dip them in cold water. For me this works better as I put each batch into a different pan and set them in the sink with the window open. By the time I get two batches run through the line and the third one in the water to boil, the first is pretty well ready to peel. Of course I am still washing some and that keeps me busy going back and forth.

I didn’t have everything on the counter, but maybe next time. I had the salt and sugar and Italian seasoning out because seven of the jars were cooked into spaghetti sauce. Recipe is: 7 qts of blanched and peeled tomatoes, 1/4 cup each of canning salt and sugar. One cup of Italian seasoning. Put it all in a large pot on medium. I turn it to low shortly after it heats up. I use a potato masher to crush the tomatoes before I add the seasonings. Let simmer for about 15 min. Put in jars and hot pack for 20 min. I am pleased to say all 13 jars that I put up have sealed tonight. While the spaghetti sauce was simmering, I did up six quarts of whole tomatoes.


Two more pictures to share. The first is the table at the end of my work today. I had gone outside to pick all of the tomatoes because there were reports of frost. It started raining when I only had one and a half plants picked. There are over 30 left. At least with the rain and clouds there won’t be a frost.

My final picture should be my first. The best tool and older, arthritic woman can have in her kitchen is a pliers. My grip stinks. I use it during tomato canning to pull the green stem off the fruit. Wonderful tool it is! I also use it to take steak plates out of the oven, feels lots safer than a thin potholder, have never been burned using it.


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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Sep 09, 2014 @ 23:56:34

    Your tomatoes and sauce look yummy! It’s such a good feeling to have them on the shelf during a blizzard! You can always make spaghetti! I really miss doing that this year! Might have to buy some tomatoes from the Hutterites when I get home!!!



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