Today was a day for farewells. We had a funeral in our church, and though I knew Victor, I did not know him nearly well enough to be honored with officiating. From the words spoken about him at the family service last night, I learned that he was a kind and generous man. He rescued his niece from a garter snake even though he disliked dealing with snakes. He was a kind and patient teacher of a younger man learning the business of farming. And he was a caring and loving husband for 63 years. I can’t even add how old James and I would have to be to have that many years together.
It is also a day of farewells as I sit outside in the dusk on my patio watching the night fall around me and the lights go on in my flower garden knowing that tomorrow the temperature will drop, and the deadly frost will likely hit tomorrow night. I guess it will be a long day of picking for me and possibly tapping of what I want to save. Do I save the garden of produce that is making me tired or the flowers that give so much pleasure? Tune in the next few days for that answer.
As I sit here in the deepening dark, I wonder when James will drive into the yard. He has our small car with the dim lights and I worry so when he drives that. Someone is revving their engines on Main Street. Oh the cares of youth. We bid that farewell so long ago.



The time on the clock when I left the house to start this post.

I have spent most of the late afternoon and night on the phone. Glenda should have people around again, Victoria has a scheduled moving date, and Jessica is cooking up her apples. At least James finally called. They are headed back on the bus just going through Wishek. It should be another hour until he gets here. Hope you are having a wonderful night under the harvest moon.

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Sep 09, 2014 @ 03:04:32

    Yes, my Arizona people got here about 3:30! It was very nice to have them safely back home again. They had a great time in SC, but were also very happy to be home. Now it’s MY turn to come home! See you in a couple of days! Wasn’t the moon just spectacular the last few nights? I actually got to experience the storm of the century today ( Monday). I never realized that just a few inches of rain would close so many schools! Guess when the ground is baked like a ceramic pie plate, the water has no where to go. So, it just stays on the highways and roads and floods everything. It reminded me of a blizzard day back home with all the television coverage.



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