Let the preserving begin

First batch of tomatoes for 2014

First batch of tomatoes for 2014

I believe that this is the latest I have ever begun the preserving of anything. Today was the first of the canning and it was a kettle full (7 large mouth quarts) of whole tomatoes. The table might be full, but I barely found enough ripe ones to go around.
Oh ya, by the way, the storm last night passed us by, or it was just a tease. There was a bit of wind, but not even a drop of rain. I should have watered the cucumbers this morning,but with waiting to hear more information for the funeral and some other things, I was pretty well stuck in the house near the phone.
Pop, what a lovely sound when you are canning. There is only one jar left to seal. I also cut up a whole watermelon and shredded a zucchini this afternoon. I also peeled and boiled the potatoes that were stabbed by the fork when James and Paulina dug them out. It wasn’t many a, but they tend to spoil if left for very long. We dug them because the plants were drying up then you don’t find all of the potatoes. I just love the flavor of the Yukon gold. We never had that type when I was young. I swear it tastes like the butter is already in it, especially when they are baked.
Well, James is home and we shall eat, so catch you later, and happy canning.

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  1. Tilly Frueh
    Sep 05, 2014 @ 17:25:15

    I love the sound of canning jars popping. Every time I hear one, I smile. It’s like a pat on the back saying, “You did it!”



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