Possible storm, so get picking

There have been some forecasts today that say such horrible “h” words like “hail” and such “s” words as “Strong winds.” I am not about taking many chances at this stage of the harvest. I am glad that they haven’t brought out the “f” word, “frost,” yet. Although one forecast mentioned lows in the upper 30’s near the end of the week. Well, I guess it could happen. Those who are waiting patiently to take the apples off the trees are hoping for a good frost so that the flavor will be sweeter. I can use some sugar for now thank you as long as my peppers can stay on the plant. The rest is really not so bad, but the peppers are the issue with me for now. I have some plants that are just starting to produce well, though I have no idea in the world what I am going to do with this fantastic crop this year. Perhaps I could try dehydrating some. Here is what I picked tonight after I got home from the office in Eureka.

Harvest from today.

Harvest from today.

I know that some of this is not really ripe, but if the choice is between putting them on the table with newspapers over the top for a few days or throwing the torn pieces into the compost after a storm, it is an easy pick for me. Besides if there is frost in a day or so, it will be less to pick that night. I have gotten past the covering stage on nights of predicted frost. The only thing I will try to save are the flowers as if that makes sense.

Below is a picture of what Paulina insisted should be picked off the plum trees. I should go and pick the rest before dark. Either hail or high winds will ruin what is on those trees. At first I was upset with her for taking them so early, but now as I smell them turning ripe, I know what I will be doing soon.

Plums picked this weekend by the daughters and Jaxon.

Plums picked this weekend by the daughters and Jaxon.

Of course after my news at the church office today, I am not sure when I will do all this canning unless I get to lots of it tomorrow and some of it Friday. We received notice that one of our parishioners passed away this morning. He has been ill for a time, and the funeral will be on Monday with a family service on Sunday evening. His wife is a relative of mine, so that makes it even closer. Our former pastor will be coming in and doing the message, but I will need to arrange everything else. I guess it is good that I don’t have any substituting scheduled for this week. I do have a day later next week, so it is called get organized.

Not much else to say except if anyone, an aunt perhaps, would like to see some pictures of the weekend and the baby, there is a great post by Jessica under the blog So It Goes. I follow both her blogs and if you know her picture, it is the one higher on the stack. Of course for those who don’t know her picture, it is the one that is duplicated. Ha!! Anyway, I sure enjoyed her ramblings about our weekend. She also has an interesting post about what life is like in Western North Dakota in middle of the oil patch. OK, I will quit for now. Have a great day, and that is an order. Ha!!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 12:43:43

    It’s supposed to be stormy here this weekend, too! Just think, in one week, I will be on my way home!!! The good Lord willing!



  2. christinelaennec
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 05:38:59

    An abundance of riches! I hope you find time to prepare all your harvest, and that it gives you a good counterpoint to the equally important work of bidding your friend farewell for now.



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