Back to school day

Normally I leave Sunday for my sermon in terms of blog posts. Today the message has to wait to be posted on Monday early, I hope.
Today was a day to move Paulina back to college. She was much more relaxed about the process this time. And, of all things, she is living with girls that she had seen in class, and knew their names, but it is not anyone she knows well. James and I are thinking this will be good.
I took the camera along to capture the process of packing, unpacking, moving in and all of that, and as usual the camera stayed in the van in the bag. We did it all including make up the bed with the new comforter and pillows without covers, she forgot to bring any so guess what we ended up buying. It is not like we have extras laying around at home.

It was hugs and good-bye!

Finally after her meetings, we stopped for supper and headed home. James and I had filled the van with all of the plastic and cardboard so we could drop it at the recycling place. Not happening today. The places were so full we couldn’t leave anything. This has happened so often, we will not be making the effort anymore.

Just heard from Paulina. The issue with her card when she tried to purchase books has been resolved. It seemed to be empty and we were all worried about where that $400 plus had gone from last semester. It is there, but because it was $10 less than the bookstore bill, it showed up as unusable. Hurrah. We were not looking forward to going through a hassle over it.

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