Big peppers

The garden at the current time.

The garden at the current time.

Today’s post really shouldn’t be about the garden. We, Paulina and I,  have spent the majority of the day in the upstairs trying to move things around enough so the phone/cable people can come and do the fiber optics upgrade on Thursday. I am so excited about it. NOT!! After they do this house we will be moving to the house at our campsite and then to my Aunt’s house. I figure it will be a full day of sitting around and waiting for all of this to get finished. It shouldn’t be so bad at my house after I walk them around and show them all of the hook ups. I hope my aunt has her phone available on Thursday just in case I need to call to ask her anything while we are at her place. I know that we will go in to the house and open the basement from the cellar door. I plan to drag Paulina along for that as I am not sure that I can lift those new doors.

I have also been working on laundry. It seems in the summer we really don’t have that much laundry, or maybe it is because the pants are shorts and the shirts are lighter that the loads are less. This week I have been digging some items out of boxes and bags from the basement and in my room, and I washed up some of those too. I have a few things to take to the second-hand store tomorrow when I go to Eureka. If they don’t take the jeans that I have drying on the line, they are going to Bismarck on Sunday when we move Paulina. Yikes is it really that time already.

Picked today. I should have put something there to give you a scale idea of their size.

Picked today. I should have put something there to give you a scale idea of their size.

So, about those peppers. When I finished taking a load off the line, I took a side trip into the garden. I didn’t have a pail, so I only picked the peppers that really looked like they needed to be taken off the plants so the plants did not collapse. I grabbed two tomatoes because they fell off the vine when I went to check how ripe they were. We need to take a large pail to the garden this evening and pick lots of items. Tomorrow I am in Eureka, and Thursday is the fiber optics day, so it looks like Friday might just be the garden day. Hmmm, I guess the message for Sunday will be a Friday night thing. I cannot afford to be up late on Saturday if we are moving Paulina on Sunday.

Cherry popsicles help with the heat.

Cherry popsicle help with the heat.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow and the rest of the week. I am hoping that if it does, it will cool things down rather than add to the sweltering heat. I am afraid it will just make the humidity skyrocket and really make it miserable. The electrician has finished the office, so tomorrow will be a “moving” day for us as we will be able to put books on the shelves and such. I am not sure what I want where, but knowing me it won’t stay in the same place for long. I have a couple of ideas about how to downsize the amount of furniture in there, but who knows.

Paulina is heading to Wishek tomorrow for a hair do change. I should call the sister there and see if I could unload some produce there. I know that her husband would probably grill zucchini with Cajun spices on it. Of course, she likes to use it in cakes and such, too, so perhaps I best send enough for both uses. Hopefully we hear from her before Paulina leaves tomorrow, we should have cucumbers and tomatoes and onions and peppers too.

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Aug 20, 2014 @ 11:20:46

    So in other words, I owe you 200 dollars! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart will just have to do. Like Patsy always said, ’till you’re better paid!



  2. Glenda Zimmerman
    Aug 19, 2014 @ 22:56:31

    Just remember that in order to get into the cellar from the outside, you must go down the basement from the inside and open the door in the basement. You will need a hammer to open the latch on that inside door. A hammer should be laying on the steps. Good luck with all of that! Like I said before, what would I do without nieces?!



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