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So this will be tagged under garden, cooking and knitting. So there has been lots going on around here. Yet tomorrow after watering the garden, I really, really need to get after the basement. I cannot afford to waste another day. Besides, I want it done so we can move the bed out of the room down there, and move a desk to that room then put a bookshelf into the computer/office area so that I can function in there. Oh so many plans, and I know how it will go after a night of letting the cats in and out and watching for mice. Hopefully James will not be tied up in semi-useless meeting tomorrow after football practice. Get this, it is the first day of practice and the other two coaches will both be gone. I am not sure how that works. I couldn’t keep a coaching job, and I wasn’t so much as late to practice let alone come and go as I please. This generation, but that is getting me off track.
Below is what has been gathered from the garden in the last three days. I have several more peppers on the plants, and on the cucumbers.

Produce currently on the counter to be used.

Produce currently on the counter to be used.

I have also been taking some time to look through my newest cookbook. I picked it up at the 125th in Jamestown. The inside is unique because there are pictures of the stained glass windows from the church on each of the divider pages. Oh dear, I forgot to show any of those. Well perhaps after I use a recipe I can show the divider page that goes along with it. My only complaint is that Jessica did not submit her dog treats.



Finally, here is the latest round of knitting. It is amazing what can be done while riding in a car. If we had bus lines around here that we could hope on and ride to the big towns, I would have so many projects finished it would be unreal. I took the pattern for these so easy slippers from Pintrest. You cast on 28 or 30 or whatever works. The cast on covers the around the foot, say like the inseam. From the cast on knit with garter stitch about five inches or the distance from the heel to the ball of the foot. Switch to a rib stitch of knit two, purl two as far as the length from the ball of the foot to the toe. Instead of casting off. Cut the yarn with enough length to thread a needle and pull it through all of the stitches and sew them together along the ribbed edges. This forms the top of the slipper. Be sure to have a long tail at the cast on, and use that to stitch up the heel. I am thinking if I just have a trace of someone’s foot, I could make these any size. This is even more fun than beanies. OK, enough for now!!

Slippers, hope they fit someone.

Slippers, hope they fit someone.

Yikes on the picture, one looks larger than the other. Believe me when you lay them on top of each other, they match. I wonder if I pulled one of them out of shape. I guess blocking really is important.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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