Morning view

This morning I tried to sleep in, but Paulina and Roger would not allow it. I am tired now, but the day is past when we should have supper so it is no wonder. I moved the chairs and table to the concrete this morning to enjoy the flowers. It was a good idea since later in the day, we had a visitor. There was a young man, Tony, going around town selling books. He is from Finland, and spoke with an accent, but not so bad. He was a delight, and I would have loved to invite him to stay with us. He showed us where he lived, on a map, and said he was in his last year of college in Estonia. Wow! He had some silly jokes like swimming to get to the US and riding horse from the east coast to South Dakota.

He said his girlfriend is living in Iowa selling books for the same company. She is from, no not Finland. From Slovakia. They met while doing this book sale thing. He would love to live in the US. He was interested in the garden we had and how great it was to have space as we do around here. I told him that I blog and love to read and hear about people in other countries. James came and listened in on his pitch and we purchased a set of books of facts that youngsters would love to read. It was purchased with Jaxon in mind, but I am not so sure they will leave this house. It might just be something we keep around here, who knows. There are 16 books in the set, so we may just be dividing them up. Anyway, I wish Tony well with the rest of his sales and his final year of school.

After he left, we returned to the garden and tried to make sense of the beans. I picked a small batch and I am not sure if there will be much of anything from them. I do know that they are killing off the dill as fast as they can spin. I also tried to weed the carrots some more, and that was a night mare. I picked five peppers and left a ton on. We found some cucumbers and zucchini and James picked tomatoes earlier. The beets could use a thinning and the onions are nearly all ready for the line. I am afraid that the next two to three weeks will be garden insanity at its best. Hope we make it to Labor Day without going over the edge.

Pictures below are the table move. It was quite peaceful there this morning and I can’t wait for evening when the sun goes down and the LED lights start to work.

My view.

My view.

My chair

My chair

Cats in the area.

Cats in the area. The water barrel is full again, ya, but I need to get out and water soon.


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  1. glenda zimmerman
    Aug 12, 2014 @ 20:58:38

    Hey! Pictures of Ana are wonderful(from your other blogs) and your church anniversary must have been a really special time. It is raining as I write this on a Tues. night at close to 7 o’clock. I am so pleased to see that everything still looks so green and I am SO grateful that your sister, Kathy, mowed my lawn. What would the world be like without nieces??!! I would not be able to survive. Can’t wait to eat a tomato from your garden,



    • lucindalines
      Aug 12, 2014 @ 21:00:28

      Well I didn’t know that she did. I watered your plants today and pulled off all the dead ones. All looks good around there. Call sometime, except tomorrow, I will be busy working then for a change.



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