Friday at Vic’s place

Today does not really feel like a Friday, but then I have had a week of Saturdays. We are still at Victoria’s place. Nate went in to work today, and James and I did what we could. I worked on some laundry and dishes. James vacuumed and mowed. Jaxon made a train with Legos while Ana figured out how to suck her thumb and keep us busy holding her. Victoria is anti-thumb, but I approved it. As a parent it makes sleeping easier because you never have to wake up just to retrieve a pacifier. I realize there are a million reasons not to let children suck their thumb, but I do NOT want to hear them, and in fact I will delete them so don’t bother posting any. So now that I have gotten off track. This post is a short update of life around here. Looking forward to the trip to Jamestown this weekend, and really looking forward to next week at home finally cleaning the basement. I hope. Seems everything gets in the way of doing that. Oh we’ll, that is how life goes. Here is to tons more to do, maybe gardens, and fire pits, and one at home outdoor movie would be great.



The picture of grandma and Ana is an iPad selfie, yippee!

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