Turtle Boy and little sister

Today we met Nate and Vic at the hospital for everyone to go home. Jaxon was not having anything to do with riding with us. He needed to be with his family.
I spent part of the time at Vic’s place sewing some of the blankets that she had picked out a few months ago. So, she bought the material on Black Friday. I really like her machine. Shout out for the Brother sewing machine. I did learn that the reason mine would not sew the slippery material is that my needle was too small. It sewed up just fine here. Pictures to follow. But first a look at little Anastacia.

I tried to show the pictures in order, but with the iPad I am having a totally awful time doing the pictures.


With some of the scraps, Jaxon was turned into a Ninja Turtle.



Nothing but attitude. He was a hoot. I think he was still nervous about why we were here overnight. I think he was afraid that he might have to go back with us. He also told Nate that if Ana cries during the night a wakes him, he wants her sleeping some other place. Good grief. I guess he is struggling just a bit, but mostly he is doing pretty well. Final pictures, zucchini lasagna that was a bit soupy. So much for a fancy 32nd anniversary supper. Also, Sophia this morning as we were getting ready to leave.



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