Gardening helper

Jaxon had a rough night last night knowing that Moma was with the baby and he was with these old fogy grandparents . This morning he is having fun with us. He helped pick produce from the garden, but it was all with the intent of taking it to Moma. Boy oh boy does he have her back.

Below is a shot of him holding the second round of produce that he and grandpa picked. I actually picked the zucchini and the onions. He is not too excited about taking some of them home. He said the stink. We had them in our van in the stow-n-go the day we were headed to Hebron. I decided to take them out because if they rotted in there we would never have been able to stand the smell. Perhaps that is what I should hang in the cat box room. Hmmm good thought.



Onions on the line.

Onions on the line.



More Jaxon and Papa and baby with Moma in the background.

More Jaxon and Papa and baby with Moma in the background.


Adie and Kathy with baby.

Adie and Kathy with baby. Jessica is on the floor. I think Vic was watching tv and wondering when we would all leave so she could get a bit of rest.


Jaxon and Popa with Anna.

Jaxon and Papa with Anna.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tilly Frueh
    Aug 06, 2014 @ 17:28:53

    Your garden is mammoth! I am so jeaolous. You might not have planted Romas but you have so much more. I’d love it if Hubby would let me turn our backyard into a much bigger garden, but he is fighting me. I think he’s afraid he’ll get stuck working in it. So far the only thing I’ve asked his help on was setting the new timbers around the new sections. Now that I know it’s done, I don’t need his help.

    Congratulations on the new addition! ~ Tilly



    • lucindalines
      Aug 06, 2014 @ 18:06:17

      Thanks, our garden is actually on land owned by me and my three sisters so I usually share produce with them. Gardening for me is relaxing and fun. Thanks for stopping by.



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