Outdoor movie night

Last Sunday night, we piled into the van and such and went to the outdoor theater in Mobridge. It often doesn’t matter what is showing, but the atmosphere is what counts. The movie was Tammy. We heard it was not so good, but we wanted to see for ourselves. Well we understood the people who did not like it are not in favor of cussing. I would guess that the implied extra-martial sex was not for them either. We tend to look past some of that perhaps more than we should. I thought it had some super funny parts.
For me funny was grandma in the Mr. Magoo glasses. I have them too. Funny was grandma’s attitude and the ice cream man story part. For me the not funny was the car crashing parts or the hurt deer on the ground, though it was funny when the deer got up. Ok I won’t reveal anymore.



The picture of the scree is not so good. I used the iPad to take these pics. If you are wondering why people are in chairs, this is what we do. The sad thing is that those sitting outside had to wrap in blankets, and it is the end of July. Where is the summer around here? Well, hope you enjoyed the little movie review. I think it will be an early night as I need to get up and get a few things done around here tomorrow.

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  1. Glenda zimmermam
    Aug 01, 2014 @ 13:11:51

    Hey! What’s extra martial sex? Do you have to know karate or something??



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