Funeral food

I have probably mentioned in an earlier post that there is a funeral in our church tomorrow. It will be my first. The retired Pastor and I are doing it together. I am quite appreciative of that. I did the bulletin and will read the scripture and the obituary and such, but she is doing the message and official things. I may be taking notes, or at the least listening to a tape when it is over to see how it is done. At this time, I am headed to the prayer/family service this evening. I leave you today with one verse. Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” I believe that I will open the service tomorrow with that as a greeting. Tonight, I am thinking that the Psalms will be handy. Now the picture part of the post below.

When churches in our area host a funeral, members usually pitch in and bring a salad or desert for the lunch afterwards. Now being a Pastor, I could probably ditch out, but we are also members, so I will share my contributions.
It started this morning with a cake. Now, I am sorry, but I make box cakes. But I have not been keeping up with how those have been changing. Here is what the pan looked like after I mixed up one, and it was a name brand box, not some store version.

So since I thought that such a small cake would look chintzy, I decided to make a second box and add it in.


Now you see above how it looked when it came out of the oven. What I won’t show is what it looked like after it cooled and collapsed. The picture below is what a good layer of frosting will do. White cake with milk chocolate frosting is my favorite.

I also made a pistachio pudding salad. James might be jealous that he has to go to the coaches clinic for this week and miss my great food. On the other hand, who knows, he might just enjoy the break.



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