This Saturday is the big City Wide rummage sale in Herreid. I have put myself into it, and as always, I am wondering why I think that I should. I have a few things already to go such as the box of plants that I have been showing on a past post. I will also put a few items of produce out there such as onions and dill and maybe a zucchini or two.

Paulina cleaned out her closet of clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore. In fact I am thinking a couple of those shirts have never been on her body. Sort of like her mother in that department. I guess that is why I wrote rule four on those new rules that I posted on the fridge a couple of weeks ago. #4. “If you buy it, use it.” So the pictures below are the clothes that she and I have picked to put on the sale. I may have a few others here or there, but really I didn’t want this to be clothes.

Clothes for sale!!

Clothes for sale!!

I also have some misc. items including a few old Avon bottles, which I would like to unload even if someone walks away with a treasure. Around here those used to be collectors’ items, but I am not collecting, and all they do is collect dust around here and I am hoping to rid my place of some of that. There is also a “free” box of books and such. They are really old romance books so I am hoping someone grabs them. I may be giving them to the garbage if they don’t find a home.

I will do a bit more digging tomorrow, but not sure how much. I received a call from one of the funeral homes in Eureka. I will be meeting with the director and a family tomorrow to make arrangements for one of our former parishioners. It will be my first funeral. On Monday, I stopped to visit him and he kept saying that he was calling his wife and she wouldn’t answer. I believe she has been gone for a time. I could only think of my mother and how she kept dreaming of walking in a beautiful garden holding the hand of her mother. Within a week she was. So, except for the pictures, that is all for now.

Smidgen of the misc. items.

Smidgen of the misc. items.

Free stuff

Free stuff

Hanging lamp

Hanging lamp

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  1. Kathy
    Jul 27, 2014 @ 12:59:12

    Thinking of your mother walking with her mother, hand-in-hand. A beautiful image to have of your loved one, Lucinda.



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