Jaxon day

Today Paulina and I headed to Bismarck to hang out with Victoria and Jaxon. Vic had a Dr. appointment at 11:30 so we thought we were safe doing a quick stop before meeting her. We arrived around 11:20, and she was already being called into the room. We nabbed Jaxon and stayed in the waiting room. Initially he was having nothing to do with us. We finally humored and tickled and ignored him into sitting with us.

After the Dr. visit we went out for lunch at Famous Dave’s. The food was great, even my hamburger was done well. pun/pun. Jaxon soon found that we were talking to each other and he was not the center of attention. You can see below what his reaction was.

Jaxon drinking water and chocolate milk at the same time.

Jaxon drinking water and chocolate milk at the same time.

Such and outfit he is. After lunch we hung out at the mall. We picked up a few items, had a coffee and a smoothie and then Victoria had a dental appointment. Jaxon was entertained by and also helped to entertain another boy waiting for his mother. Finally when they started running around all the chairs they both had to sit with the people looking out for them, as in Jaxon sat with Paulina working on his new sticker book. I was amazed at how well he did it. When Vic got out of that appointment, she was done for the day. They hopped in the car and headed back home with probably one stop, we are not sure.

Paulina and I headed back to the mall to do a bit of garment shopping. We went to a store that I will not mention, but I will say it is where you purchase clothing that you don’t mention in polite company, and they host this fashion show each year with models that are skimpily clad. Enough said.

Next we went the big store that is a Club. Again I won’t mention any names, but it shares the same name as our country’s uncle. After we had a stop at the brother to the Club store and then we ate at a place that is named for an underground train, but again, I am not saying any names about any place. All I know is that we are going to have to work all month to put the money back in the bank that we spent today. And buy the buy, thanks Paulina for the treat at the unmentionable garment store and thanks Victoria for lunch. Now just so Jess doesn’t read this and realize that she missed the party. Oh by the way Jess, make sure you pick up the bag from Melissa for the girls. Hope they enjoy their surprises. It isn’t much, but something that all children need in the summer time.

That’s all for now!!

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