Wise Words

I am reblogging this because I believe these are words more need to hear.

Fort Pelham Farm

Siberian Iris

I visited with an old friend the other day.  I see her much more often now that I am in Rowe than I ever saw of her in the past 35 years or so that we’ve known each other.  She has gone through some major life changes in the past few months.  She is a wise woman.  We talked about others that we know who are dealing with life changes of their own (myself included).  Some are retiring and moving away from the place that has been their home for over 50 years.  Others are taking care of aging parents, their children are moving out or they’re recovering from the loss of a loved one.

She said “You need to learn to love your new life.”

Profound words those.  We are all hit with changes – some predictable, some not.  For me, the changes were seen and prepared for in…

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jun 19, 2014 @ 14:20:21

    This is very pertinent to me! I am still “learning to love” my new life in a new city. Change is almost always challenging, but we can make the choice to embrace the new as positively as possible.



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