Digging up the yard

So, let’s just say that I am not a fan of what progress does to my property. The local phone/cable company has hired a firm to put fiber optic lines into our town. I am beginning to feel like the need to quote Our Town. Some of it would have to do with the whole wedding thing, but not all of it. I believe I will save the wedding quotes for Sunday or so. I won’t post it until they have had a chance to put it on Facebook themselves. Sort of bad etiquette to steal the thunder of the bride and/or groom.

Anyway, back to the fiber optic fiasco. They are to the point of closing the holes, which is great, but they are doing some pretty physical tamping down of the dirt, and it is sort of shaking the house. Of course we were gone from Friday to yesterday, but they had other places to do then. Today we are trying to finish up little last-minute items around the yard and find some space in the house for two more families for the weekend. And of all things, Paulina is in bed with strep throat.

Holes in the yard.

Holes in the yard.

Hole outside the back door.

Hole outside the back door.

Right by the back door.

Right by the back door.

Another angle.

Another angle.

Long hose going back to the dike. No one knows why.

Long orange  hose going back to the dike. No one knows why.

Well another load of laundry has finished washing so off to the line I go. The tamping has finally quit and Kathy and I emptied the coffee. If I knew that anyone would come to visit, I would make another pot, but I don’t get many staying visitors. Perhaps tomorrow when Melissa is here that will work for me. Hmmmm I wonder if she and Elisabeth would want to do the houses so I could continue doing my own. Perhaps I should ask.


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