Back to work

Today it is a back to work day. I am in the office at the church. We just finished with Bible Study. We have been going through the book, Bad Girls of the Bible and we were on Chapter 4 today which is about Tamar, who seduced her father-in-law, Judah and had twins from him. Story found in Genesis 38. In her defense, she was a widow (twice) and he was a widower, so no other was harmed, well….. Anyway Tamar’s son, Perez is found in the lineage of Jesus, so you go figure. I guess we all have our backgrounds.

At this time, I am in the office supposed to be finishing up on the bulletin, which I have not yet started. So, yes that is not a whole truth. I have downloaded the suggested part, chosen the songs and the scripture and figured some things out. I just need to actually do the typing. Ha, the typing means cut and paste and re-format onto the template. Yikes I hear doors opening and closing, must be some of the other ladies leaving from the basement.

Well, hope you are having a lovely day outside if you are out and about. It looks like it might rain, which is ok for me as I won’t be missing a beautiful day where I can hang clothes on the line. I guess that is for me tomorrow. Paulina was supposed to go to work at the pool today, and who knows what James is up to. Hopefully nothing more than needed as he drove all the way from Rapid City to Bismarck yesterday, and I believe he needs a rest!

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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