Getting ready for the tour

It is Monday morning in the room. Paulina is in the shower. James and I are finished with breakfast. NBC is telling us about events around the world including the “open carry” controversy in Texas. Scary to me the anti-violence person. But that is a different story. Today is vacation, and Jaxon is zoned out. Wonder when we are going to get on the road.


Jaxon snoozing in the room on Monday morning.

Jaxon snoozing in the room on Monday morning.

I have a bit of an update from breakfast. We had a very hard time not commenting or bursting out laughing. At the table next to us was a family from the south. How did we know? The speech pattern gave them away. The older woman, though she looked better and was NOT smoking could have been the prototype for Meryl Streep’s character in August Osage County. She was taking her husband apart for something or other. It made me realize how bad that sounds.

Later on the way up to the room in the elevator, James and Jaxon rode with a couple who had two small dogs with them. After they were alone, Jaxon commented that “Dogs don’t belong in a hotel.” Out of the mouth of babes. Anyway, today is Flinstone Village Day and promises to be a hoot. Maybe I will tell you about eating at Culvers later. It involves a make believe rat in the dumpster and Jaxon eating all of his sandwich. Nate will be laughing again about how I come up with stories to get kids to do things.

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