Conference Sunday…now over

This morning was the end of the Conference Meeting. It all ended with a Church Service led by the local ministers and help from others around the conference. The message was given by Rev. Dr. Jim Moos, who is in charge of the UCC part of Global Ministries. He started with a story about riding his sister’s horse when he was a young boy in Streeter, ND. He had the whole congregation laughing at several points in the message, but his point was about holding on for the ride and how ministry should be a ride that you need to hold on to. Afterwards we met up and were able to share a table and lots of catch up news with each other. I so appreciated the fact that James and Paulina were able to grant me that request. Enno Limvere and his wife came and sat with us also. It was really an “old-home” time as Enno’s father, Karl, was a big part of the conference council that Jim and I served on for those years back in the 1980’s. It makes me feel old, but also grounded to know that some of us have this history together.

Though there are many in this conference that don’t have a clue who I am, I know many of them and have history with some that they don’t even understand. I was the North Dakota representative on the Media Center board many, many years ago. I served on that board with Rev. Tim Fugeman, who is now at Redfield and used to be in Eureka where I am now. Tim also came to Herreid and was a great part of the Herreid Church when my sisters, Kathy and Melissa were growing up. Now Melissa’s minister, Tammy, is moving to Redfield because her Methodist husband is taking a post there.

I so understand the thoughts of the Dakota Association when they speak of the directions as a circle. In the “white” culture we tend to think of directions as being opposites, or across from each other. In the Native American, and other native cultures, the thought is more circular. I often feel that circle in my life. So many things seem to come around rather than going in lines.

Now for a bit of the pictures of what it was like. After all was said and done, we tried to do a bit of site seeing, and tried to appease the Grandson, who has been pretty patient with us. We went to Dinosaur Park which is on the mountain in the middle of Rapid City. Of course it has rained pretty much since we arrived, so we got soaking wet and so did the cameras. Interesting point is that the church, First Congregational UCC Rapid City,  was just below that park. Here is what we saw:

The church is just to the right of that cross as you can see through the mist.

The church is just to the right of that cross as you can see through the mist.

The rest of the pictures are shots of Jaxon beside the concrete dinosaurs and Paulina taking pictures of him and us. I wanted to take him to the real museum at the School of Mines and Technology, which is a premier engineering school in South Dakota, but it is closed on Sunday. A few years ago, we had our Conference meeting on that campus.

Jaxon by one of the dinosaurs.

Jaxon by one of the dinosaurs.

Paulina taking a picture of James and Jaxon by the largest dinosaur.

Paulina taking a picture of James and Jaxon by the largest dinosaur.

IMG_0944 IMG_0943 IMG_0942

Now for a few more shots of what the city looks like from the top of the mountain that divides Rapid in half. It is rather hard to drive here because you have to keep remembering that mountain (which is small by most standards) cuts the city in half.

IMG_0937 IMG_0938 IMG_0939 IMG_0940












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  1. Kat at travelgardeneat
    Jun 09, 2014 @ 09:15:04

    I remember going to that dinosaur park as a kid when we camped in the Black Hills! We didn’t make it there when we took the boys out that way years ago (we need to get back again some day — the Badlands are one giant photo op!). If you’re ever in Duluth, be sure to stop by Peace UCC 🙂



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