Conference meeting day 2 is done

Jaxon and Paulina in the pool.

Jaxon and Paulina in the pool.

Here is what the night looks like after the end of the Conference Meetings on Day 2. Jaxon wanted to go in the pool, and after Grandpa was worn out, Paulina agreed to take over for a time. It was a bit of an effort to get him settled down, but he is currently eating some pudding and hopefully the iPad will be charged enough to occupy him until he falls asleep.

So the day started with devotions, which we missed. Devotions were followed by a some muffins and other food. Next we went to the opening of the plenary session, oh I mean business meeting, no wait let me restate that, a rather dry business meeting. So that was followed by a break and some food.

Next we went back to the plenary session to hear some reports, this is where it got interesting. As with ALL UCC Conference meetings, the thing that was supposed to go over without a hitch becomes the big issue of the day. Let me back up a bit. The budget for next year was proposed with a $16,000 deficit. I didn’t think that you ever propose a budget with a deficit. I mean, I know there are times when it happens, but when do you plan for it? The answer is never. So, that budget issue was a small bump in the road, it passes without any yelling or carrying on or anything.

The issue that was the bump in the road was an opening in the Nominating Report. Each second year they choose the delegates for General Synod. We are allowed four spots, the committee had three spots filled. It became a HUGE issue about the fourth spot. A person was nominated from the floor, and chaos erupted. So, in order to figure it out, we took a break while the parliamentary experts figured it out, and during the break….we had lunch.

After lunch we had a presentation by the main speaker, Rev. Dr. Jim Moos the Executive Minister of Wider Church Ministries. as such he is our half of the leadership of Global Ministries and that is what he spoke to us about. He spoke specifically about the Democratic Republic of Congo and work being done in that area. It was very interesting, and when we were finished…we had lunch.

Next was the final part of the plenary session where the nominating thing was resolved. The Moderator, Louie Blue Coat assured us that even though he turned over the gavel to the next moderator, he would be waking during the night to hear himself say, “Are there any other nominations?” We elected the woman who had never been to the general synod. I agreed it was a fair thing to do. She is also meticulous and a stickler for numbers. I think they are in for more than they know when she gets there.

Following the end of the plenary we had some snacks and went to the workshops. James and I sat in on the session with Jim Moos. Did I tell you that I served on the North Dakota Conference Council with Jim during the late 1980’s and that he is from Streeter, ND, and that his father grew up in Zeeland, ND and that one of his relatives was Leo (Rubby) Volzke. After the workshop we went back to the hotel and changed for the banquet.

Besides the food, the banquet was extremely moving. The ceremony part of the banquet wasn’t about handing out 5, 10 or 30 year certificates. It wasn’t even about honoring churches for their giving. This year it was a ceremony about the Dakota Association, which is the Native American Association of our Conference. For all these years, the Conference has held the deeds to the land on which their churches are built. These lands came from the Native American families, but were not held by their own churches. Those deeds were given back tonight, and it was a super moving ceremony and when it was over two of the people instrumental in it were given star quilts. There was a time when Dakota Association met separately while the conference met, for the past few years we have been together, and I hope it stays that way.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. melissadalke
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 21:50:31

    Which church in Rapid were you in? Was it the large on under the hill or the round one on the south edge of town?



  2. Glenda zimmermam
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 17:04:43

    I want to go to one of these conferences!! It sounds like there were always snacks!!



  3. Kathy
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 15:57:51

    I was going to ask what church you belonged to, but I see it’s United Church of Christ. Not that I know much about this church. A trip like this can really be fun.



  4. Garden Walk Garden Talk
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 11:12:30

    Besides the spiritual, church seems like it has quite a few social activities, merriment and fun. I realize this was a special meeting event, but church is much more than Sunday service, it really brings families together too. You must have had a nice time.



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