More garden work

Today was another day in the garden. Paulina and I started in the flowers. I put a few more geraniums into pots and even worked on the pond set up. I tried like everything to buy another pump yesterday, but couldn’t find one so the pond now is on plan B. Check it out below.

Pond with new arrangement.

Pond with new arrangement.

I was a bit concerned that James wouldn’t approve of it, but at night when the lights are on it is rather pretty. I am thinking that if I were to wrap the pot in tin foil it would really look cool at night, but I am not sure what it would look like during the day. On the other hand, I could give it a try to take it off if I didn’t like it, really it would be that big of a thing. In fact, it sounds like a plan for tomorrow.

Below are the geraniums in the terra-cotta pots all in a row. I still need to get the hanging gutter thing going in the area above that. James thinks that we need chains to hang them, but I am not so sure. Again it is going to be a home-made sort of thing and see how it works. I do need to get on that as I plan to grow the spinach and lettuce in them this year. I sort of ran out of room in the garden, well not really, I just haven’t put the divider posts in place yet, and the dirt is all bad, so I need to pick up a bag or so. Always something.

Terra cotta pots with geraniums and a Dusty Miller.

Terra cotta pots with geraniums and a Dusty Miller.

Nice surprise was James’ nephew, Colin, pulling up with the rebar tomato cages. He welded them. It was at Cassie’s request last year, and since then he has made several in his spare time. He is a welder by trade and spends time all over the country doing welding at cheese plant operations putting together stainless steel setups. He is currently on a summer month off, and now is busy doing these cages for family. I think that by the end of summer, we will think five was not nearly enough. I just wanted to try them for now. The rebar is a bit spendy, so we opted to start small.



Cages in place.

Cages in place.

The photo above only shows one cage in the garden. I will have a better shot tomorrow or so. Paulina helped me put in the 2 cherry tomatoes, 17 beef steak and 17 early girls as well as the 50 pepper plants today. I didn’t realize the sun had any power today, but tonight I can feel a bit of a burn on my shoulders. I will have to pay better attention in the future.

After the digging in the dirt today, which I really love and it is relaxing, I will be happy to sit on my butt in the church office and work on things like the bulletin and other items for a bit. I might even take a book or so along to do some of the study reading that I should be working on.

Of course there will always be Thursday when the rest of the clothes need washing and the suitcase needs packing for the trip to Rapid City and the Conference Annual meeting on Friday. In the meantime the lily garden is calling my name to get the weeds out, and the Shasta daisies are wondering if I will ever cut the grass above them so they can grow big and strong, and the water-lily in the little pond that inherited the broken pump. (Motor works fine, but the pipe that shoots the water up to the fancy display sprayer is busted.) Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather.


Lilies in much need of some care. There are regular lilies in the front, lily of the valley in the middle and day lilies in the back.

Water lily

Water lily not growing yet.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. melissadalke
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 21:40:37

    Paint the planter with glow in the dark paint. I believe it is clear in the daytime and glows at night.



  2. Jessie Stracener
    Jun 04, 2014 @ 07:43:38

    I love to garden!



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