The garden is in…we’ll mostly

So after we came home from Linton today, we got to work on the garden. Back up a bit, the day started when we left for Linton at 7 a.m. It was all because Paulina had one more trip to Bismarck to finish up her life guarding re-certification. She had to be there by 9 a.m. James and I finished up some of the track inventory. I got the uniforms done in no time, but the sweats were a mess. James finally helped by locating the matching numbers of tops and bottoms then I folded them and put them in the tote. As we were, actually, as James was lifting a box down from a shelf to make room for the first tote a board that we didn’t know about hit him in the face. It missed the glasses and hit the cheekbone. He has a cut, but the glasses likely saved him from being hit in the eye.

Now for the garden, what an afternoon. It sprinkled off and on as we were planting. Thank goodness for Paulina, or we wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore. The picture below is the after shot. I will post one a week to show how it grows.

image image

From left to right: corn, corn with radishes on the end, red onions with garlic at this end, beef steak tomatoes, Roma tomatoes with a cherry tomato plant at each end. Next is white onions, peppers, yellow onions, purple cabbage, beets, beans-2rows, carrots, colored carrots, beets and snow peas on the end to climb the fence. The back fence has the cucumbers and the front has the green and yellow zucchini. We are considering what to do with the potatoes and the spinach and lettuce. Also as you might have noticed the tomatoes and peppers are not actually in the ground yet. That is a project for tomorrow, like I need another. We have houses to clean and laundry to do, a message to write, and one of these days we need to weed the flower garden not to mention planting the things I bought yesterday while we were in Bismarck waiting for Paulina to finish the third day of re-certification. I am glad that it was only four days of running and that she was able to do the last one alone. I won’t even mention cleaning the house. I have never understood how some women have clean houses. I guess they don’t grow gardens or maybe they don’t follow sports. We all have our own gods don’t we?

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