Update on track meet results

So we are home and it is Sunday night, and I finally can breath to post the results of the last day. I would have put some of this on earlier, but on Friday night after we returned to the hotel, I could not get on the internet. The front desk just said call the help desk. Grrrrr! I want it fixed now, not after a two-hour conference with someone on the phone. I went to bed. It was a better choice for me anyway. The first picture below is our mile runner. He did a three peat in 8th place. I am not sure if anyone has done that before. He is hoping to improve next year. His time was much better, and he did break the school record. The second picture is the triple jumper. Last year he was shut out, so this felt really good for him this year. The final picture from the meet is the thrower, who placed. We also had one who came in 11th. All in all these three were responsible for 19 points. The first photo was one point, the second was six points and the final one was nine points, all total 16.

Our miler getting his 8th place award.

Our miler getting his 8th place award.

The triple jumper taking third place award.

The triple jumper taking third place award.

The thrower. This was fifth in the discus. He was also fourth in the javelin, but I missed the picture.

The thrower. This was fifth in the discus. He was also fourth in the javelin, but I missed the picture.

All of our athletes who placed are juniors or sophomores. We see a bright future in the crystal ball. Even most that didn’t place are juniors or sophomores. The two seniors will be missed, but there are some freshman and eighth graders just waiting in the wings.

I have no more pictures, just a brief update on the lives today. I was up until 12:30 plus putting together the message for today. Church was lengthened at the end by a council meeting. We had a counter offer on the parsonage. Apparently the shingles, mold in the basement and a furnace pump were flagged by the inspection. I wonder how an inspection works when you list a home with an “as is” sort of listing. I am wondering who the realtor is working for. We took a low offer, and now the buyer wants half of the cost of shingling. He has an estimate of $10,500.

Wow, I am wondering what that company would want for my mother’s house. Yikes. The trustees were given the task of negotiating it out. The bottom line is we don’t want to take the chance of no sale. We figure it costs us $4,000 per year to keep it, and no one is living there.

I will put my message for today in another post. We were out of printer ink, and I had Paulina download it on my iPad after I emailed it to myself in an attachment. It worked wonderfully, and I think that may be the way to go in the future. Now to figure out how to type it on there. Kathy came along to church with us, and we stopped at the store to pick up some items in case we decide to have a Memorial Day picnic tomorrow.

When we got home from church we had the lovely task of cleaning the houses. This week they are getting a little guilt trip note from me. I am really annoyed by their disrespect of our costs. We always find lights on all weekend. I would go check on Fridays if I were home, so that will start happening this week. The other issue is the gross disregard for the furnishings that are there. The stove in one place was worse than a frat house, and I am not sure if we won’t need to shampoo the carpet in the blue room in a week or so. All I can say, is the road construction workers of last year and the year before were much more respectful.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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