Birds on the Venue

IMG_0866 IMG_0867I won’t put a caption on either picture. They are the same thing, the backyard AKA wedding venue has been mowed and the black birds are moving in to eat up all the bugs they couldn’t reach last week. So there are only three birds in these pictures, I tend to scare them away when I try to take pictures with the small camera even when I do it from the backdoor of the house. Might need to put up a scarecrow during the wedding. Of course sunflowers are the flowers, so that is a bird attractor. It could be rather pretty with them flying around. OK, so I will quit now, I like the bride and she doesn’t like birds, but you have to admit that it is nice of them to come and eat the slug right now so the mole/voles don’t come looking for them and dig holes all over everything.

I tried to put this last, but I can’t get the cursor to connect after the last picture. Technology is so frustrating at times. Yesterday’s track meet went ok, if you don’t count how we just pulled up as things were getting going. Lots of delays, but I will write on that a bit later including the medicine kit falling out of the storage area on the bottom of the bus. At least it wasn’t a shot put or discus. All I know is that the girls who are going to state almost surely have to do it in individual events while the boys will be doing it in relays if they aren’t already qualified. Weird how that works. The sophomore discus thrower, male, qualified yesterday. The wind was just right and the top four all made the mark. It is nice to see that happen. Well enough for now.

Sorry to post and run, but today is Brown Bag Bible study and as usual, I have just a little reading left to do, like the entire chapter. We are reading Bad Girls of the Bible by Barbara Essex. This week we are on the chapter about Rebekah. I am looking forward to this one. Fortunately I have read about her in the past so I have a few ideas already. Maybe it would be good if we ever hit someone I know nothing about so that I spend more time digging into her.


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  1. Glenda zimmermam
    May 15, 2014 @ 22:12:09

    I finally got on, but I am still really sick. Gene even bought me some peptobismol. I may be coming home a lot sooner than I wanted. I can’t remember ever being this sick. I just want to get well!



  2. Glenda Zimmerman
    May 14, 2014 @ 20:09:47

    way to go on the track meet. I can only email on this post. I made it safely out and have been really sick the whole time I am here. I think I have one end straightened out, but now, I have such a head cold that I just want to cry. The temps. have been in the 90s with lows in the 60s. It is really nice to feel the warmth. But with my being sick, I haven’t been able to enjoy anything. I can’t use my IPad because it won’t get me connected and my email will not allow me to get on. In other words, I am up a creek and now I need Roxie it buy my ticket back home and hopefully, it will email her the ticket. I hate technology with every ounce of my being. I hope to get well soon and then maybe I will be in a little better mood. I miss you all and just in case I don’t survive this trip, I love you all. I haven’t turned on my phone because I have been too sick to talk to anyone!!!!!! Maybe I will connect with you tomorrow. I just wish Adie or Paulina or Melissa was here!!!! Actually, I wish you were all here!!!!



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