Crazy track meet week

This has been a crazy week, but I guess not quite as bad as last year at this time. This is the week of the three meets in a row. Actually this year we had four. There were two meets yesterday. Kathy and I took the jr high to Ellendale for their conference meet. It was quite successful as the girls came home with the hardware. We were pretty excited. Everyone did what they needed to with the exception of the girl who was hurt in the triple jump. She is better today, but still a bit gimpy. It is the same girl who fractured her elbow when she fell in the hurdles. She doesn’t hurdle anymore. Anyway, we got the trophy by only 6 points and everyone was happy because they could all feel ownership of the win.

James wasn’t with us because he was with the varsity team in Underwood. It was only a partial team because of a group of honor students were on a trip. As it was the boys were only one point from winning that one too. It was pretty good day for all.

Last year we did this week without a double meet, but on Sunday of that week, we had to go to Jamestown and move Victoria into a storage room and back to Herreid. The best thing about that was having Jaxon around. The worst thing about that move was finding that they went into the basement and dug into the boxes and crates of toys that were safely stored away. I am still trying to get some of that mess cleaned up.

Add to this the idea that we have had both houses rented and being the weekend, someone has to go and change the bedding and wash the towels so they have them for next week. I talked to one of the guys today, and I guess they will be leaving around noon and returning later on Sunday. Rah, Rah for me. Now for getting to the message for Sunday morning. I think perhaps I need to lose a job. I am thinking the substitute teaching thing is going to go soon.

Well, sorry that I don’t have a picture to go with today. I brought the camera to take a shot of the team that won the trophy yesterday, but won’t post those children because I don’t think it is ok to do that. Anyway, hope you have a great day, and catch up with you when I catch up with me. Any by the way, it feels great to be feeling better, thanks to anyone who sent good thoughts for that to happen. God’s blessings to all of you.

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