Some blogs to check out for pictures to view and things to learn

I am in school today. No camera to take any pictures. I am not feeling like an April Fool joke of any kind, so I have decided to share a few blogs and specific posts that I have noticed as of late. Now let me just say there are lots of others that I have liked reading and enjoy following. It is just that I noticed some of these in terms of things some of my followers, friends or family might enjoy checking out. So here are a few of the blogs that I spend time checking out. I recommend the following for the reasons listed. By the ” moment. I have always known that reading and liking and commenting on other blogs brings some traffic back to your own, but I didn’t notice how when you get little traffic, you just sort of want to give up and quit. So, thanks to those of you who have stuck through March with me and kept me hanging on. It has been a long and dry month on the blog-o-sphere.

Garden Walk, Garden Talk: Snowy Owl Day with the Bird Watchers. There is a great picture of a Snowy Owl. Paulina get to the bottom of the post to see the real cool picture where it looks like it is winking at you. Also her post done earlier is about a couple of Blue Herons. Those are so so pretty.

Town & Country Gardens: last three posts are about water conservation. Always such good information there. Victoria you might like these ideas if the 10 inches of yesterday is gone and you decide about job verses garden. Of course you might like the blanket below for the new one when it gets here. Can’t it be August soon???

Woolhogs: The March Made It – Baby Ripple Blanket for Baby Rocco. I love the colors of that blanket. It would also be interesting to learn the pattern.

Agrigirl has a post: Reasonableness and the Food Environment that I believe would interest both Victoria and Jessica. I am thinking that Jessica would understand this better than I can since she works for North Dakota Farmers Union, and is pretty in tune with things like food supple.

Fort Pelham Farm posted Stripping not so far back. It is about taking paint off a door. We have a heat gun someplace in the plethora of unused tools. Issue to note is don’t do this near insulation that can spark and smolder and the fire start a few hours down the road. It didn’t happen to us, but is something we had heard of happening in an older building.

The Green Dragonfly has a cute post titled Up, up and away about a balloon festival. I wanted to put that post and the one about the owl on the smart board and share it with the students. I kept myself in check. They would likely say I was lame or try to look at more than I was willing to show.

Grassroots & Gardening has an interesting post titled: Dates, fruit of the desert. I always love reading posts of trips or time spent in other countries. As tied as I am to this area, the only way I will experience those places is by reading about them, and I love the reading on the blog with first hand experiences and great pictures.

Speaking of learning about other countries: Writing from Scotland is a good blog. Christine just posted a neat hat she has made. I wish I were half as talented as that pattern looks to need. Maybe someday I can figure out such things.

And finally, I will leave you with the photos of Travel, Garden, Eat. I always love the things she posts.

Oh my goodness, I have to edit to add Buzy Day. Nikki M has the cutest quilts you ever saw. Sorry about that. I knew that I would mess up someplace on this post.

Well, hope I gave you something to check out since I am too stressed about the installation on Sunday to get anything of real importance finished up. I have worked on all of the bulletins and even started on the message for tomorrow night. Hopefully I can find enough time to make it to the home on Wednesday to do some visits that I have missed in the past two weeks.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. christinelaennec
    Apr 02, 2014 @ 16:05:49

    Thanks so much for this, Lucinda! Very kind of you. I hope you got to visit the home today, and that preparations for Sunday go smoothly. As my yoga teacher says, “Don’t forget to breathe!”



    • lucindalines
      Apr 02, 2014 @ 17:12:03

      I have all the rest finished, but the home visits were left by the wayside. I need to get the paperwork finished early in the future, they are more important, and I can’t skip them again. Thanks for the comment.



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