My odd month

Indoor plants in the south window. Christmas cactus is nearly blooming.

Indoor plants in the south window. Christmas cactus is nearly blooming.

I have decided that with everything else going on in this household this month, my blogging will have to be restricted to every other day for a time. I started out by choosing January to be the odd month. February will be an even month and March goes back to odd, etc… The only exception that I plan to allow myself is that on Sunday’s I may post my sermons. It could happen that I wait until Monday to throw it out there, but I will reserve the right to do it on a Sunday even if it isn’t odd or even as the month dictates. So, now I have that out of the way, I can carry on for today.

It seems that lately we have been using Saturday as our down day. We still do a few things here and there, but we aren’t spending the day up at the crack of dawn and cleaning, baking, shoveling, etc… like most think of Saturdays in these parts. I have really been spending today in this wonderful office area doing an overhaul of my mental plans for 2014. I have been enjoying time with pen and paper making endless lists of things that I hope to accomplish this year. Yes, I know, my husband always says more work and less lists, but seriously without the lists, I sometimes am at a loss of where to start or what to do next.

I also have been reviewing the past two years, and those lists of goals as well as lists of accomplishments have been pretty productive. I have added certain items to my daily habits that have been really productive for me. In the matter of daily Bible readings. I have mastered that goal and am currently working on my third time through the Bible. It is amazing what you learn reading just two chapters a day in separate books. I started with Psalm 1 and Matthew 1 and am just completing my second time in the Psalms and am in Ephesians for the third time. I may need to do a little tweaking of the order this time as it is really difficult to have both readings in the Old Testament, though working on sermons while on the daily plan may just be enough to keep it ok. I will have to see for now.

The habit that I am really hoping to establish this year is exercise. I need to improve my aerobic ability and my strength. It is amazing how your strength goes backwards after about 52. I did lots of weight lifting (not for bulk of course) in college and my muscle tone was always really good, but I can feel my lack of strength almost every day as of late. Paulina and I carried that sewing cabinet from the basement to the upstairs on Thursday and for two days now my arms feel like I did 200 pushups. Yikes!

A few other habits that I am really trying to get into my list of accomplishments is actually accomplishing things. I am really tired of starting projects and looking at the unfinished results two years later. Like this room I am sitting in at the moment. I am sort of afraid that in two weeks from now, I won’t even find the door knob because I will be off on another tangent. Hopefully with the need to use the resources stored here and the computer not leaving the room, it won’t happen, but I can’t be sure. James did put the little space heater in here now, so I can’t say it is too cold anymore.

James on the tractor snowblowing.

James on the tractor snow blowing.

As usual, he has it down to the grass, and he wonders why the grass dies!

As usual, he has it down to the grass, and he wonders why the grass dies!

The view from the office room.

The view from the office room window in the door.

So, I am leaving you with a few pictures of what James has been doing today. He got right to work with the snow blower, which to me seems more like a large boy’s toy than a tool, but that is my opinion. Later, he and Paulina and Jessica’s little dog, Raja, put away all of the Christmas display toys. We need to find a new home for them this summer, but that will have to wait for now. Last picture is my view from this room. This is where I should hang a bird feeder. The squirrels wouldn’t be able to get to it from here, of course the cats might start preferring fowl over rodent, so maybe best to leave well enough alone. Take care and keep writing, even though I am limiting my writing, I love reading each day.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy
    Jan 12, 2014 @ 07:15:00

    I liked seeing pictures of your house and James on the tractor. Barry has to go out on his and plow the driveway today. Then we have to start filling the woodroom again. Oh, and contemplate shoveling the roof. And shoveling the deck. Excuse my list. 🙂 As for blogging every other day, that sounds like a good plan. sometimes when I post every day it feels like too much. But sometimes have enjoyed posting every day. Guess it’s a matter of balance…



  2. stitchinggrandma
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 18:13:28

    It is a lovely view Perhaps the bird feeder will inspire you as you gaze out the window in thoughtful contemplation. . I have to say, if I was responsible for clearing the snow, I would want the machine. So much more can be accomplished in the same time as you would spend with the shovel, and less chance for injuries to backs etc. I hope you are all staying warm!



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